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     Hebei Yihoucheng Commodity Co. Ltd (YHC), established in 1998, is one large-scale commodity manufacturer in China, which products range covers wet wipe, puppy training pad ,  Under pad,  Sanitary napkin, and Toilet paper etc.
    YHC is located at No. 333 Jianye Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province and occupies more than 400,000m2 area . It’s
brands “Ladystar Niho, Xi’er care series ” have been well-known in domestic market.
 YHC Honors
     YHC has been approved by ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system in year of 2004. FDA  CE in 2013.
Global Market
     YHC believe in “Innovation & Advanced ”, The products  are widely sold more than 30 countries and areas all over the world ,including the USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong ,etc.
Technical Strength
     A handy tool makes a handy man. YHC brings in the PCMC automatic wet wipe folding machine from USA and IMAPACK packing product line from Italy which made the  folding and packing process of wet wipes become integrated. In addition, YHC established 100 thousands degree germ-free cleaning workshop to improve the wet wipe manufacture environment, which had met the international standard.
     August 2012, the 10 million tons of household paper production project started construction , which invested RMB 1.586 billion. Contracted and introduced of the world's most advanced Austrian ANDRITZ high-speed paper machine. The first phase project will be put into production in September 2013. After the whole project put into operation, 100,000 tons of high-grade life paper production capacity can be formed
     Today’s YHC is developing steadily. Tomorrow’s YHC will attribute to not only China but also the world.